Lifetime Fitness 60 Day Challenge 2019

As a Chronic pain sufferer, my recommendation of the 60 Day Challenge from Lifetime Fitness in enlightening. This program is perfect for those who are driven to take their fitness challenges to the next level. No matter if you already know all the nutrition and personal coaching, it still helped a beginner like myself with a rare disability called CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome). Since joining this gym it has already improved my outlook on fitness in my condition for the better.

Getting back in the gym has been a personal goal of mine that I started July 15th, 2019 and would be my first time in a gym since 1997 when I was injured as a ski instructor saving a 5-year-old girl from hitting a solid set of trees at high speeds. This child was in my class that morning, she was not able to stop, even on carpet training that morning. During the incident she ended up out of control accelerating down the mountain. I knew that if I could not catch up to her by the bottom of that run she had a 100% chance of stopping at the tree line at the bottom of the ski run.

After that, Life changed drastically. I was studying to become a Firefighter / Paramedic at college and that ended quickly, due to my sustained injury and that is when I found my new passion in “internet marketing” computer NERD / Google GEEK 🙂

In 2012, I found myself at my low point at the time I had to lay myself off from work and no longer was able to be a coach internet marketing. I worked out of my home and could not walk more than 1,000 steps per day other than walking from my computer to the bathroom. My CRPS Pain was out of control, the only thing I could do to find hope was the minimal relief with pain medications. At that time, I thought I was going to die … the pain was so excruciating that my brain could not work.

What I came to find was nothing was alleviating the pain fully, and I started feeling stages of depression set in, knowing that normal daily activities would never be the same. When your body and mind are taken to the level of constant pain, you begin to think what else is there? One of the biggest challenges I faced was getting medical doctors to understand that my symptoms were as extreme as I expressed, and attempting to find something to calm my nerves. I would not wish CRPS on anyone, and my pain level surpassed a 10/10 for pain tolerance. Many days, it exceeded a level 10 and this is when my body would shut down experiencing such things as passing out or falling periodically into something with my right shoulder.

When I was told about this 60 day challenge, I was thinking this may be a harder challenge than I would be able to do physically but what i found was, the trainers tailored the exercises to fit my personal limitations. This was so eye opening to me because I had never imagined that I would ever be able to go into a gym again, outside of a doctor’s office or chiropractic care.

In 2014 I was asked by Google to become a Top Contributor / Product Expert at this time I was taking enough medication to sedate a horse such as Ketamine and muscle relaxers.

During one of my doctor’s appointments my doctor handed me a walker vs. a cane because I was known as a chronic faller, basically once my pain reached a 10 my body would just blackout and I would fall. My own mental realization that a walker was the only other option changed everything for me. I got off all of the hard narcotics and I started to walk again. I started walking short distances just to get back in the habit, and slowly extended my walking. At the peak I was only able to walk 1,000 steps in one day with the extreme pain severity 24/7.

2015 was a turning point, I attended a giant Google conference at the headquarters in California and in August 2017 I went back to work full-time in an office with a workplace culture focused around wellness. That decision to find a workplace like I have has allowed me to experience such extreme pain relief with some natural and holistic healing utilizing infrared light therapy pioneered by my employers.

Lifetime Fitness 60 Day:

The journey of my 60 Day Challenge has been challenging, but invigorating to be back in a fitness environment. Being that the last time I was able to workout was over 20 years ago, when everything hurts it is easier to not stir up those symptoms by over exerting my body. After going on vacation with my wife and some family friends, I was motivated to rejoin a gym and find out what my body could do in my current state. I was able to visit Lifetime fitness and found a new home for my personal fitness goals! Since joining the Lifetime fitness team has been so helpful in my training. Whether a simplified but strategic workout session, light resistance training, light machine workouts or swimming the Lifetime team has helped me pushed through my struggles. This has all played a part in where I am today, I am looking forward to the NEW Me and have really seen a difference in myself. At times I still deal with overwhelming pain as it will never go away but the staff at Lifetime Fitness are an amazing tool in my recovery.

As winter approaches, for me this is the hardest time of the year as pain is a constant in my life. One day I hope to be able to completely eliminate pain from my body without medicine.

One of my favorite features inside the gym is the climbing wall it is amazing, it allows me to build strength but it also has helped me stay strong through the pain mentally. I don’t plan to be the best rock climber or do anything crazy, just climb the wall giving me that challenge I need to stay focused and excited.. I plan to continue improving my after the 60-day challenge with my new goal of every Wednesday playing on the climbing wall, learning how much further I can go safely.

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The skills I have learned in this program will help me continue my physical journey with exercise upstairs on the sit-down bike, resistance band training. I am very interested in Pilates and plan on attending a class every Saturday.

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After experiencing Pilates during one of our 60 Day Sweat Sessions out by the pool. I found that stretching helps relax my pain I think the next thing I will try is water aerobics.

Thank You for all of the new skills learned from your staff.

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