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CBD has Saved my Life

My wife brought home something I had never expected one day, and said please try this and let’s see if this helps you through your pain attacks with CRPS. I was very nervous to try CBD first purchased from Organic Hemp Botanicals  I quickly realized the difference within a few days of taking it, this started back in June of 2017. 

It was still not legal at that time but had to try something other than just pain killers and muscle relaxers, I wanted my life back.


The following month we ended up having a flood that had a turning point where when I went to purchase more CBD from the vendor my wife found we found out that they had also been flooded out and found them selling product outside their store, and that is when my journey with concentrated terpene rich products began. That day I was able to purchase another bottle of the 900mg CBD Terpene Elixir Concentrated Full Spectrum Help Oil Tincture natural flavor, that I would put a dropper under my tongue and about a half hour I would start to function again with less pain. 



After that Live Really Started To Change for the Good:

I then realized that I could actually work a full time job vs. just a consulting gig helping companies grow their businesses through consulting and was ready to dedicate my skills to a company full time. I went out and started to interview at companies I found online. That is when I realized I needed to make sure what ever I was doing did not have THC especially being from Kansas the only real state that was against personal right to choose a plant vs. man made medications that changed me as a person. I was tired of the traditional ways of getting prescribed medications such as Ketamine, fentanyl patches, vicodin, along with so many controlled substances with Opiods to help reduce my pain from CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome)

Fast forward a few years, I am still working full time and still take CBD but in many different forms along with a combination of Infrared Light Therapy with Sunlighten Patented Solocarbon Heaters along with NIR Infrared. Here is a link to my full story,

How Sunlighten Saunas Help Calm Nerve Pain Flare-Ups and other Neuropathy Pain Disorders


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