Medical Alert ID Bracelet

Many people disregard the importance of having a medical identification bracelet with clear information of who you are, contact information and other life saving information. CRPS is one of those things that is important for emergency responders to know when assessing how to treat you especially if you are not able to communicate the information at the time of the emergency such as medication, ICE (In Case of Emergency) contact information.

I was diagnosed with Chronic Pain issues way back in 1997 and diagnosed with RSD (Reflex Dystrophy Syndrome) currently known as CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) and to be honest I was to stubborn to wear one in fear of what people would think along with being embarrassed.

Once, I got a surgical implanted spinal cord stimulator from Medtronic to help with reducing my chronic pain from CRPS things changed and I had to have something to identify myself not being able to have an MRI otherwise the device that is in my body will be pulled out of my back due to the magnets and paralyze me or worse take my life.

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