Family Perspective on Chronic Pain

Every one seems to be talking about their pain, but what I have not heard is the pain of the family members that take care of their loved one. Chronic pain affects everyone in the family, not just the one with the pain. When my husband has his pain attacks, we all hunker down at home and watch him like a hawk making sure he does not fall.

Pure Love
It has been a long journey 100%

My husband has CRPS and both my kids now know the signs of an oncoming pain attack. The slurring of the words, the disappearing lip line and instability of his walking.

We all hear these stories of the uncontrollable pain attacks that destroy their lives, but what about ours? We can not do evening events with friends or family. No night time baseball games or summer bbq’s. Our late nights end at 6:30 and sometimes earlier to make sure we beat the sun-downers pain attack lurking in the background.

Sometimes I feel that our children are missing out on life when we have to plan our events around my husbands pain schedule. This is our life as we know it. I have a deep fear though. I live to take care of my kids and my husband. What will happen to me when my kids grow up and go to college and my husband finally is cured of CRPS. Who will I be?

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