Chiropractic Care

Seeing a Chiropractor every Month has Changed my Life.

Back in 2012 my pain got to the point where I could not handle anyone being able to touch me without putting me into a pain attack and it is has taken a lot of work but my chiropractors can adjust me without the fear of pain for the next few days.

Since moving out to Kansas City in 2005 and originally injured back in California in 1997 I was always looking for alternatives to reduce chronic pain and started working with a chiropractor in 2012 and realized that through little adjustments I was able to do more things during the week. 

They had me doing light physical therapy such as stretches and exercises to rebuild my muscles, it was extremely painful but after a while I realized that without doing these things I would go into a re-laps of more pain.

We also started using therapies such as Cold Laser where they took the device and treated the effected areas to decrease the inflammation.

Just an FYI this hurt like crazy = Graston Therapy especially with CRPS

Treatments I have had over the years

  • Chiropractic Adjustments
  • Acupuncture 
  • Cold Laser 
  • Graston Therapy
  • Therapeutic Exercices & Rehabilitation
  • Ultrasound 
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation & TENS
  • Nutritional Counseling



What are we doing today?

Without chiropractic adjustments, along with other activities such as physical therapy I would not be where I am today.


Week #4 In Saturdays Pilates Class


My New Jungle Gym

Thank You to All my Doctors & Physical Therapy Trainers

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