Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser Therapy has been one of the leading tools in my recovery of CRPS over the years. I started getting the treatment on my knees and shoulders from my chiropractor back in 2013 on a weekly basis and found that with a combination of things such as routine chiropractic adjustments along with continued sessions allowed me to slowly include other therapies such as light exercise and further walks.

The Story starts when I started working with Dr. Bradly Woodle at ASFCA he decided to invest in a device called the Apollo Class IV Cold Laser to see if this treatment could help reduce my chronic pain from CRPS. The great part about this treatment was it did not hurt and you could not feel anything as well it helped to reduce the pain from the light chiropractic adjustments we did at the office before using the cold laser.

I started to feel a slight difference in my pain and tremors in the area we were treating and we decided to test the laser on more areas of the body other than just my knees and shoulders and wand the entire nervous system. I would come in twice a week and get the adjustments needed along with physical therapy exercises and then we would spend 30-45 minutes with the cold laser starting from my neck down my spine along with the arms all the way down to my feet.

Once we where completed my wife would drive me home and I would go to sleep to avoid any pain flare ups, at this time my pain levels from CRPS where at a steady 6/10 in the morning and in the after noon 9/10 or more and in the evenings it was at the highest level of pain 10+ even with all of the medications I was on. Fast forward a few to 2014 my pain was still very much out of control but we had noticed that these treatments where helping an allowing me to do more activities with the family in the daytime but still with high levels of pain and still had problems walking long distances. My goal was to one day be able to walk to the back of the Kansas City Zoo and see my giraffes and zebras. (Note: I was able to finally accomplish this goal on June 4, 2017 & October 2017) 

Cold Laser Therapy has helped me in so many ways it is hard to explain, pain can still get bad however if it was not for ASFCA and Doctor Woodle I would have not been able to be doing what I am today with daily walks and exercises including finally being able to go back working full time in the office.

This was me in 2014

I recorded a testimonial video back in 2014 when I was still on some of the big medications such as Ketamine and muscle relaxers and more.

When I look back to those days, I was slurring my words and had trouble focusing on what I wanted to say and could not work a full time job however was so much better than before when I first started with the chiropractor and getting the cold laser treatments each week.

No More Walking Cane

in December of 2014 my doctor decided that I no longer needed my cane and had less falling episodes after I came back from a trip to Utah to visit my little brother and my mom. 

We went to an event called color fest where I was able to walk around the park all day still with my cane just in case but after that didn’t need it anymore. This all goes back to my continued treatments with chiropractic and cold laser therapy. 

Success through the Struggles

It has been a long journey but without my friends and family this would have been very difficult and don’t think I would be where I am today without the help.

My wife used to have to take me to all of my doctors appointments especially since I stopped driving due to random pain attacks that would come on without notice as well with all of the medications I was taking it was not safe for me to be driving. 

The exciting part of my struggles and where cold laser therapy helped was in my preparation for attending a conference in California at Google, I was invited to join my friends from all around the world at the GooglePlex early November 2015 and this would be my first big test to see if I could keep my pain down and not take as many medications while down learning from Google engineers and having conversations without slurring my words and or falling asleep. 

This was an event I was invited to in 2014 and didn’t know if it would be possible for me to attend and decided to create a challenge for myself to walk more than 1,000 per day because I knew that I would be having to walk much more down at the event. That was really the beginning of my dedication of walking as far as I could each day and eventually being able to walk to the grocery store and back. (It was very painful and would cry every time)

Since then I have now been to the GooglePlex 3 more times and have been able to walk to all the areas with much less pain.



I have now done cold laser therapy for 4 1/2 years and came across a new therapy that works very similar called infrared sauna therapy giving me 3 levels of light therapy over my entire body. 

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