infrared Sauna therapy for Chronic Pain

Pain Management through Technology

I have been using infrared as a chronic pain therapy every week and it has dramatically reduced my pain. I have been using Cold Laser Therapy with a Class IV Laser from my chiropractor for many years focused on the whole body from starting with my neck to my feet using the laser to help reduce inflammation on the nervous system. This treatment was done 2 times per week and then after a few years moving to once per week.

Recently, I had taken a full time position with Sunlighten Saunas in Overland Park Kansas with the opportunity to use another great technology with a customize program with the mPulse series saunas helping me even more.

I have found that consistent usage of infrared therapy has shown a dramatic improvement in my daily pain levels and have been using the mPulse series 3-in-1 Conquer infrared sauna down stairs at the Sunlight Day Spa during my lunch break 3 times a week. 

The day spa is located in Overland Park Kansas with 4 saunas for daily usage and provide a ton of other wellness services. 

When I go down stairs to the saunas, I typically plan for 60 minutes to get changed into my swim trunks in the locker room and plan to stay in the sauna for at least 30 minutes using a pre-configured program called Pain Relief  the Google Android based tablet controls a sequence pattern of light therapy mixing mid and far infrared in different times for the best exposure to reducing inflammation and increasing blood circulation.  

I normally site and relax with meditation music and practice on my focused breathing exercise along with stretching since there is plenty of room within the sauna for me to work on my shoulders where I have the most about of pain from CRPS these days as it used to be just in my knees but has spread though my entire body but primarily shoulders is where I get the highest level of pain daily especially after all of my spinal cord stimulator surgeries. 

Hydration is Key when using Infrared

I have found that keeping hydrated is super important when using an infrared sauna especially when using the sauna daily. I normally drink a lot of water throughout my day with a giant 32oz cup on my desk filling it up a multiple times a day and try to at least drink one just before I go through the session as well have water with me inside the sauna. 

One of the other things I try to get once a week is a hydration juice from the day spa since they make them fresh, my favorite cold pressed juice is The Taste of Summer with watermelon, lime, mint and a dash of sea salt as well the Mean Greed & Clean with apple, kale, celery, cucumber, lemon & ginger.

Other drinks I like would be from a company called CrampX a drink that I only take a few sips before and after my session but primary drink a few sips in the evening to help relieve my muscle cramps from CRPS

I was introduced to CrampX many years ago from my chronic pain doctor here in Kansas and he had me taking a few sips of the drink every night before I went to bed to allow my muscle spasms to calm down an allow me to relax. I found that if I do the same thing with taking a few sips before and after a sauna session it really seems to help me recover and stay focused when going back to work after my lunch break with time sauna time.

My Portable Infrared Sauna for the Home

This is my portable sauna that I use in the evenings and it has been a blessing especially during the winter time with my pain being at it’s highest due to the cold. The Solo System Infrared Sauna comes in two parts the dome and the Solo Pad giving you 360 far infrared therapy 

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